The Fox Puss

2020 Boonsboro Invitational for The Fox Puss Trophy

October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 2020

Defending Champion Connor Burgess.


Notice from the Fox Puss Committee:

The Fox Puss Committee, in an effort to act responsibly, is postponing this year’s tournament scheduled for May 1-3, 2020.  The tournament will now be held October 2-4, 2020.  Hopefully this new date will see an improved situation regarding the current COVID-19 crisis.  We hope that those of you who have supported the tournament in the past will do so again later this year.  The committee wishes good health to all of you who have supported the tournament in the past and hopefully the future.  Those who would like their entry fees refunded will have that option or your fee can be held for the October date.



Boonsboro The Fox Puss

A longstanding traditon in the commonwealth since 1971




Latest Results
2019 Fox Puss
May 3-5
Burgess. C (-14)
Young. J (-8)
Simmons. I (-5)
Allara II. J (-4)
Newsom. R (-3)
DeTemple. P (+2)
Super Senior
Vigotsky. T (-4)
Allen. B (-3)
Angel. J (+3)
2018 FoxPuss
May 4-6
Young. J (-4)
Massie. J (-4)
Delp. J (-1)
DeTemple. P (+1)
Jordan. D (+2)
Buckner. R (+4)
Super Senior
Nunnenkamp. B (+6)
McCarter. V (+9)
Hoffman. J (+13)
2017 FoxPuss
May 5-7
O'Dell. S (-2)
Young. J (E)
Shingler. S (E)
Championship First
Schmidt. D (+10)
Reale. P (+10)
Pillow. C (+13)
Championship Second
King. C (+16)
Bamber. R (+18)
Norby. J (+20)
Championship Third
See. P (+17)
Lawton. T (+20)
Wheeler. V (+21)
Championship Fourth
Riley. B (+32)
Staley. J (+34)
Groves. M (+36)
Senior Championship
Roday. L (-1)
Angel. J (+3)
Mahone. P (+3)
Senior First
Buckner. R (+9)
Barber. A (+10)
Dillman. J (+12)
Senior Second
Good. T (+13)
Vigotsky. T (+15)
Allara II. J (+15)
Senior Third
Mielnik. M (+23)
Richards. S (+23)
Cunningham. B (+24)
Senior Fourth
Perez. A (+28)
Myers. K (+31)
Sibbick. B (+32)
Super Senior
Rotella. B (+3)
Yow. B (+10)
McCarter. V (+13)