The Fox Puss


2021 Boonsboro Invitational for The Fox Puss Trophy

April 30th, May 1st, and May 2nd

Registration is now open.

Please follow the link below to apply.

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A message from the Fox Puss Committee

The 2021 Fox Puss Invitational will take place on Friday, April 30th through Sunday, May 2nd at Boonsboro Country Club in Lynchburg, VA. Applications will be sent out by March 1st with the final field to be set on April 4th.   

At this time, the committee plans to host all three divisions (Championship, Senior, and Super Senior) as well dinners on Friday and Saturday nights.  Fundamentally, a return to a “normal” Boonsboro Invitational.  If there are still restrictions implemented by the state and health organizations due to COVID-19, the committee reserves the right to make adjustments for safety reasons: size of field, number of divisions, and schedule of events.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this year’s event please do not hesitate to contact us.


Congratulations to Neal Shipley for winning

The 2020 Fox Puss Invitational.




Boonsboro The Fox Puss

A longstanding traditon in the commonwealth since 1971




Latest Results
2020 Fox Puss
October 2-4
Shipley. N (-5)
Graf. C (-2)
Davidov. S (+3)
Decker. K (-2)
Brittain. B (+1)
Reisenweaver. S (+1)
2019 Fox Puss
May 3-5
Burgess. C (-14)
Young. J (-8)
Simmons. I (-5)
Allara II. J (-4)
Newsom. R (-3)
DeTemple. P (+2)
Super Senior
Vigotsky. T (-4)
Allen. B (-3)
Angel. J (+3)
2018 FoxPuss
May 4-6
Young. J (-4)
Massie. J (-4)
Delp. J (-1)
DeTemple. P (+1)
Jordan. D (+2)
Buckner. R (+4)
Super Senior
Nunnenkamp. B (+6)
McCarter. V (+9)
Hoffman. J (+13)